Brave Goldendoodle Rescues A Baby Fawn From Drowning In A Lake

When you think of heroes, a Goldendoodle named Harley might not be the first image to come to mind. But this remarkable dog from Virginia captured the world’s attention when he displayed a heartwarming act of bravery.

Harley was seen by his owner, Ralph Dorn, swimming alongside an unknown creature around 200 feet from shore.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that Harley was on a life-saving mission, rescuing a baby fawn from the water.

Harley has always been known as an intuitive and intelligent dog by his owner. Yet he managed to surprise Ralph with this unexpected act of heroism.

Witnesses say Harley didn’t hesitate for a moment when he saw the helpless fawn struggling to reach dry land. He simply dove into action, swimming toward the young animal who was quite far from the shore.

Key Takeaways

  • Harley, a Goldendoodle, showcased a heroic act by rescuing a baby fawn from drowning
  • Despite his owner’s knowledge of his intuition, Harley still managed to leave an impact with this act of kindness
  • Harley didn’t hesitate or overthink; he acted quickly to aid the helpless fawn

Paddling With His Friend Until They Were Safe

godlendoodle helping baby fawn

Guiding the days-old fawn to the shore was a challenge, but Harley, the golden doodle, was determined.

Every time the fawn tried to turn away, Harley herded it back, eventually making progress towards their destination.

photo of dog harley and baby fawn in water

If not for Harley, the baby fawn may not have made it.

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Once reaching the shore, Harley compassionately licked and cared for the fawn to ensure it was safe and comfortable.

harley the dog and baby fawn on grass

Soon, the fawn’s mother arrived on the scene. When the dog’s owner, Ralph, noticed her, he led Harley indoors to allow the baby and its mom to reunite peacefully.

A Beautiful Friendship Was Made

dog harley sniffing baby fawn

The day after rescuing a fawn from the lake, Harley the Goldendoodle once again surprised his owner, Ralph.

While Ralph and his wife Patricia were enjoying their morning coffee, Harley began running from window to window, eager to go outside.

photo of baby fawn and dog harley in woods

Upon opening the door, Ralph discovered the reason for Harley’s excitement: the very same baby fawn he had saved the day before was bleating nearby.

Harley rushed to meet the fawn, and the two shared a few precious moments together, sniffing each other and wagging their tails.

After their brief encounter, Harley returned home, delighted about seeing his little friend.

Harley’s intuition and eagerness to help others come as no surprise. Before his heroic rescue, he worked as a certified therapy dog assisting the elderly and children in his local community.

He has always been an exceptional dog, ready to jump into action and help others whenever needed.

Clearly, Harley is the perfect Goldendoodle!