Clever Crow Outsmarts Two Turkey Vultures with One Move

In an incredible display of intelligence and mischief, a clever crow managed to turn two turkey vultures against each other just to get access to a coveted water dish. The shocking moment was captured on video and has left viewers in awe of the crow’s diabolical scheme.

Watch the video below!

The video, shared by the Mid-Atlantic Backyard YouTube channel, shows the crow carefully observing two turkey vultures near the water dish. With a plan in mind, the crow sneaks up behind one of the vultures and gives its tail feathers a quick tug before swiftly flying away. What happens next is pure comedy gold.

The unsuspecting vulture takes a moment to process what just happened, slowly turning around with an aggressive “You son of a…!” look on its face. Meanwhile, the completely innocent second vulture has no idea what’s about to hit him. You have to watch the video below to see the hilarious confrontation unfold.

Viewers were blown away by the crow’s antics, with many comparing the move to classic cartoon hijinks. One commenter noted, “This is some actual looney tunes shit. He actually did the ‘tap a guy on the shoulder and make him think it was his buddy’ move.”

Others pointed out the crow’s impressive cognitive abilities. @catpoke9557 observed, “The fact he knew it would get genuinely mad and attack the other shows it’s not just smart and able to comprehend the concept of the future, but it’s capable of empathy too.”

@thatguy_5240 added, “They do this a lot, they’ll antagonize an animal and get it to fight another, either to get them out of the area, or sometimes just for funsies, cuz these guys are way too smart for their own good.”

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The video has racked up over 691,000 views in just 6 months, with many commenters expressing their newfound appreciation for crows. @DeeDee-wi4xo summed it up nicely:

“Crows truly are ingenious creatures. Many people don’t even know that they’re as intelligent as a human child. They’re known to be capable of complex problem-solving and can even use makeshift tools. They deserve so much more credit and appreciation, even if they’re not as exotic as parrots or dolphins.”

So the next time you see a crow, remember: they just might be plotting their next hilariously clever scheme. As for the poor framed vulture in this video, let’s hope he and his buddy were able to sort out the misunderstanding!