Kangaroo’s Shocking Response After Being Saved From Drowning

In a heartwarming display of human-animal interaction, two brave Aussies rescued a drowning kangaroo from a body of water. However, what happened next left them utterly surprised.

Scroll down to watch the video below and decide for yourself: was the kangaroo thanking its rescuers, or preparing for a surprise attack?

The kangaroo’s reaction to its saviors has sparked a lively discussion online, with viewers debating the true intentions behind the marsupial’s gesture.

The video, captured in Australia, shows the moment when the two men pulled the struggling kangaroo out of the water. As they helped the animal regain its footing on solid ground, one of the rescuers remarked, “Aww, he’s thanking ya.” But was the kangaroo really expressing gratitude?

Comments on the video reveal a range of opinions. One user, @davidtapp3950, cautioned, “If a roo is leaning back on his tail like that, there’s every chance that he’s going to disembowl you with his rear claws. Brave humans; extremely polite kangaroo.” Another commenter, @caitiekay3306, noted, “Lmao ‘aw he’s thanking you’ He’s actually pulling you in closer while biting your arm so you can’t get away so he can woop you with his hind leg power kicks lol.”

Despite the differing interpretations, many viewers appreciated the men’s kind actions. @reddiver7293 wrote, “Blessed are those that are kind to animals. Well done, laddies!” while @Anonymously_yoursupporter added, “The world needs more people like them! Bravo to such humans in today’s world!!”

The video has sparked a conversation about the importance of treating kangaroos and other wildlife with respect and understanding. As @MelliaBoomBot pointed out, “After seeing both videos of the before and after, I wish people would just give them space. Teaching folk to just treat animals with understanding would go a long way.”

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