Old Man’s Secret Trick Gets Scared Deer To Follow Him Across Road

What would you do if you saw a frightened deer stuck on the side of a busy road? One quick-thinking elderly man knew just what to do. Armed with only an apple and his compassionate nature, he approached the deer and amazingly convinced it to trust him and follow his lead. The heartwarming moment that unfolded next will restore your faith in humanity.

Scroll down to watch the incredible video below and see this kind-hearted rescue for yourself. It’s sure to make you smile and give you a boost of positivity today.

As one commenter put it, “That man must have good energy for the deer to allow him to get so close to him.” Another wrote, “The old man was brilliant, he hit the key point: using apple to lure the deer and it worked the deer crossed the street safely and soundly. He’s an unsung hero helping and protecting the deer to cross the road.”

Many were moved by the man’s kind act, with reactions like “THIS is what a REAL MAN looks and behaves like” and “Sweet little man God bless you sir!!!” Others pointed out the man’s “gentle, caring compassion” and called him “an angel.”

Overall, viewers were amazed by the trust and connection between the wild animal and the compassionate stranger. “The deer could feel the kind soul of this lovely man!! His compassion for this deer quite possibly saved it’s life!!” exclaimed one commenter. “You sir are a hero and good things will come your way!!”

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