Orangutan Rambo Takes Her Electric Car For A Joyride And Looks Cooler Than Most Humans

Animalia’s beloved orangutan Rambo has captured the hearts of millions with her latest adventures behind the wheel of her very own electric car. In a video that has gone viral, Rambo can be seen cruising around the property with the confidence and style of a seasoned driver.

Watch the video below to see Rambo’s adorable antics for yourself and discover why she’s quickly becoming the internet’s favorite driver.

With one hand casually hanging out the window and the other gripping the steering wheel, Rambo navigates the grassy terrain like a pro. She even takes a moment to chew on her stylish sunglasses, proving that she’s not just a skilled driver but also a fashionista.

Viewers couldn’t help but marvel at Rambo’s intelligence and charm. “I no longer have an excuse for not being able to drive a car. A literal ape can do it,” commented @marcuswalters8093. Others praised her driving skills, with @Kevin-kb6uq noting, “She drives better than most people I encounter on the way to work!”

Some even joked about the implications of an orangutan driving a car. “The auto insurance quote must have been interesting,” quipped @major_shake_5726. @pegleg1514 added, “And finally I realize for which target group Renault has designed this vehicle…”

But it’s not just Rambo’s driving skills that have captured people’s attention. Her calm demeanor and enjoyment of the simple pleasure of a joyride have struck a chord with viewers. As @rustythecrown9317 put it, “Why does everything seem just a little bit better after watching this?”

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