Girl Gets Chased On The Beach By Giant Bird That Looks Like A Dinosaur

A peaceful day at the beach turned into a heart-pounding encounter for one woman when a curious cassowary emerged from the shadows and started charging towards her. In a video captured by Dan Morey, the woman can be seen holding out her GoPro camera like a shield as the massive bird approaches.

Watch the video below to see this incredible encounter between a curious cassowary and a quick-thinking beachgoer.

The cassowary, known for its dinosaur-like appearance and potentially dangerous behavior, seemed more intrigued than aggressive in this particular instance. However, the woman’s instinctive reaction to protect herself with the camera shows just how intimidating these birds can be.

As the cassowary closes in, the woman remains remarkably calm, slowly backing away while keeping her eyes on the bird. One commenter, @Wolf_Dominic, noted, “It’s honestly kinda scary to imagine how different things would have gone if she hadn’t remained calm.”

Others couldn’t help but notice the bird’s uncanny resemblance to a prehistoric creature. @christschool commented, “That bird looks prehistoric, right out of the dinosaur age,” while @WingStorm added, “The way the Cassowary ran gave me chills, that was a whole Velociraptor.”

Despite the tense moment, some viewers found humor in the situation. @-LowResDream joked, “He was just trying to shoot an early 2000’s style rap vid,” while @hollabigT quipped, “He came trotting back to her like ‘Thought that stick trick was pretty cute, huh Susan?'”

In the end, the cassowary seemed to lose interest in the woman and her camera, turning its attention to the beautiful beach surroundings. @nicholaslever-naylor8315 observed, “Love that near the end the bird just stops and looks out to the ocean like ‘oh jeez, this is a nice beach! Forget those guys, this is a top spot!'”

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