Man Gets Surprise Of His Life When He Encounters An Unexpected Visitor On His Porch

Sometimes life throws you unforgettable curveballs, and this man’s ordinary day took a shocking – and hilarious – turn. A homeowner had the surprise of a lifetime when he opened his front door to find a rather unexpected visitor waiting on his stoop!

Watch the extraordinary video of the encounter below! Let us know if something this outrageous has ever happened to you.

The now-viral video “Bear and Man Spook Each Other” captures the unbelievable moment. In the footage, the man walks towards his door. Suddenly, a bear emerges from around the corner of the house. Both man and bear are startled, jumping back in comical unison. The bear bolts away down the street, before realizing something important…

The bear stops, almost seeming to do a double take, then slowly returns to the man’s porch. This brief encounter has racked up over 33 million views and a flood of delighted comments:

@mojojoji5493: “Bear just seconds after ‘I should apologize that was rude’”

@Folse: “Man: ‘Holy crap, I almost died!’ Bear: ‘Holy crap, I almost died!’”

@Unforgivenrain: “Oh wait, I’m a bear!”

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