Heartbroken Dog Cries Thinking He’s Being Replaced By A Calf

Have you ever seen a dog cry real tears? Well, get your tissues ready because this viral video might just make you weep too!

Intrigued? Scroll down to watch the video below and see this dog’s unbelievably dramatic reaction for yourself.

A dog named Bandit has taken the internet by storm after his owner shared a video of him having an adorably emotional reaction to a new addition to their family – a baby cow. In the video, Bandit sits in the car, pointedly refusing to look at his owner or the new calf, and even appears to have tears rolling down his furry cheeks.

The video has touched hearts (and prompted a few laughs) around the world, and the comments section is flooded with support for Bandit:

  • @hannahjohnson8569: “That dog is about to write the best country songs of all time.”
  • @thomasgranger6965: “Never seen a dog cry like that, sniffles an emotions..he has a good dad…”
  • @niharikagupta9728: “Lol that’s how the oldest child feels when he/she gets a sibling.”

The owner can be heard trying to comfort Bandit, saying, “He’s not your replacement Bandit, I love you.” You can almost feel the genuine love this pet parent has for their furry companion.


Click here if the video doesn’t work.

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