Man’s Debt Paid Off By Clever Bird – You Won’t Believe How

In a bizarre twist of events, one man’s lingering debt woes were solved in the most unexpected way imaginable – by a bird with a knack for petty theft. The winged bandit’s antics have sparked a fierce online debate about the legal and ethical implications of benefiting from a bird’s criminal activities.

Scroll down to watch the video that has left the internet shocked and divided.

The video, shared by user PlaceboDrug, quickly went viral, amassing over 6,700 upvotes. Comments ranged from amused to concerned, with one user, elvismchasselhoff, quipping, “Once the cops tail him, he’s gonna be a jailbird.”

Others delved into the potential legal ramifications. “Above a certain amount, you’re obligated to make reasonable efforts to find the rightful owner or surrender the cash to the police,” noted Ace-a-Nova1.

Some users even contemplated training their own birds to bring in extra cash. LeoIzail declared, “I’m doing this. Fuck it. It’s their fault for the poverty wages.”

The video has sparked a fascinating discussion about the ethics of keeping money stolen by a bird and the lengths one might go to in order to pay off debt. Watch the video below to see the incredible footage for yourself and join the heated debate in the comments section.

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