Cyclists Experience Comedy and Terror as Chased by Determined Ostrich in South Africa

Three cyclists’ leisurely ride ahead of the world’s biggest cycling event, the Cape Argus Tour in South Africa, turned into a heart-pounding adrenaline race when an ostrich joined their training. The encounter was caught on camera and swiftly went viral racking in over 26 million views since being posted in 2016.

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It started like any other endurance ride; the cyclists were making their way down the quiet, somewhat deserted road by the ocean towards Cape of Good Hope. Suddenly, one of them spotted a large white ostrich that subsequently decided this presented an excellent time for a sprint. The ostrich adeptly ran alongside the cyclists, reaching impressive speeds of up to 70km per hour – rendering it a rather ambitious sprint partner.

One of the cyclists, Oleksiy, shared the hilarious account saying, “It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I gonna fell off my bike from laughter.”

However, the online spectators have provided their humorous takes to the chase.

Benjamin New (@jlnkln7027) wrote: “Imagine how fast that ostrich would be on a bike.”

Lockergr (@lockergr) chimed in, stating, “He’s not chasing, it’s just he’s never found an adequate jogging partner until now.”

Inktomei (@Inktomei) brought up the age-old question of the cameraman, stating, “Another proof that the cameraman never dies. That Ostrich straight up skipped him and went after the cyclists.”

While Chilli-Soup (@chilli-soup) chose to believe in the ostrich’s good intentions, saying, “Ostrich: Hey you dropped your wallet back there.”

The cyclists reckon the determined sprint by the ostrich was his attempt to impress his girlfriend. But if the ostrich’s display of physical prowess was impressive, the breakneck speed of the respondents’ wit in the comments section was equally so.

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