Orangutan Astounded By Magic Trick, Attempts The Same Move in Return

A video featuring a man performing a magic trick for an orangutan has taken the internet by storm. The man, seemingly defying the glass barrier between them, managed to magically transport a card from his side of the enclosure to the orangutan’s side, entrancing both the primate and millions of viewers online.

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The video has captivated hearts with the adorable reaction of the ape, as it responds by attempting to send the card back through the glass.

In the video, the magician initially holds up a card to the glass, and magically, it appears on the other side. The orangutan, understandably shocked, reaches out for an inspection. The gentle creature sparingly touches the card, seemingly astonished by its sudden appearance. The orangutan then attempts to reciprocate the magician’s move by attempting to slide it back to the other side of the glass.

@waybous says, “That guy would have shit if the orangutan did the same trick.”

@jcpg8116 adds, “The orangutan was sitting there like a 1000 level wise magician”

The viewers showed great interest in the orangutan’s actions, and the comments section was brimming with witty and heartwarming remarks.

@dreamingofvenus remarked, “I love how he sniffs the card and touches it with the stick, he’s so curious”

@Skydiggz jokingly commented, “Orangutan: “Now look in your pocket”

Many viewers marveled at brilliant trick and the orangutan’s reaction.

@TheSupremeDuck wondered, “jokes aside how the hell did he do that”

@PortgasDAce-jo3tu reflected, “I really wanted him to put it back on the other side somehow and completely freak the human out”

The video has elicited laughter and admiration for the keen, gentle creature that the orangutan proves to be. This showcases how even animals can be lured by simple curiosities and how, with a bit of magic, we can bridge that gap between humans and animals in a heartwarming spectacle.

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If you’re amused by the notion of a simple magic trick captivating an orangutan’s attention, why not spare a few minutes to watch this delightful interaction yourself? You’re sure to start your day with a smile!

Watch the video below.