Vigilant Pet Goose Launches Surprise Attack on Unsuspecting Visitor

In a remarkably entertaining video that racked up over 10 million views, a protective pet goose named Wally delivers an unforgettable surprise attack on an unsuspecting visitor, much to the amusement of his fellow dwelling ducks. The goose’s sudden temper tantrum became an instant internet sensation and even provoked laughter from the attempted intruder.

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Wally, a devoted pet goose, was raised since he was a mere gosling by his doting owner, Mat Temmerman. The video showcases Wally’s fierce loyalty as he lashes out at a stranger— who is, in fact, Temmerman’s own brother— for the sheer audacity of trying to touch him without permission.

What follows is a memorable, hysterically comical affair. Wally, seemingly affronted by the audacity of the unwanted touch, swiftly retaliates, nipping at the intruding hand. The video then captures him confidently returning to his feathered buddies, flapping his wings triumphantly as if regaling them with his brave encounter.

The humorous incident has inspired a range of reactions in the comments. Commenter @Mqouser joked:

Goose: bites man; Other Geese: DEMONIC SCREECHES OF JOY

While @luckystar3641 noted that:

“This is the only hint of kindness geese will ever show. Treasure it.”

It was not just Wally’s immediate reaction that had viewers chuckling; the banter of his feathered friends in the background also added to the amusement. As @MsBaruschka pointed out:

“Look at his geese friends in the background, cheering for him slaying a human. That’s real friendship right there.”

Some commenters also shared their heartwarming stories about their interactions with geese, affirming the surprise loyalty of these oft-misunderstood creatures. @SarahHuntsman888 reminisced:

“As children, we once had a goose that, after being injured, found its way into our yard. My mom took care of her, feeding and nursing her back to health. Instead of leaving, the goose chose to stay with us. It would often sit on the porch with my mom, even getting in her lap.”

Brimming with comedic value and underpinned by a rare glimpse of animal loyalty, the video of Wally’s protective stint surely offers viewers an unforgettable battalion of laughter.

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Witness the hilarity and experience the infectious joy by watching the video below.