How Many Types of Apples Are There? (New 2023 Statistics)

The apple, a fundamental part of many cuisines around the world, is often lauded for its impressive variety.

As of 2023, we count more than 7,500 distinct apple varieties gowing across the world.

Let’s delve deep into the world of apple statistics.

Number of Apple Varieties (Editor’s Picks)

  • Globally, there are over 7,500 known apple varieties.
  • The US alone hosts more than 2,500 apple varieties.
  • A staggering 1,750 apple varieties can be found in the UK.
  • China, a leading producer of apples, boasts more than 1,000 different varieties.
  • The Honeycrisp apple, a particularly popular variety, was first cultivated in 1960.

Number of Apple Varieties in 2023

As of the current year, over 7,500 apple varieties are grown in different regions around the world, a 5% increase over the past decade.

Number of Apple Varieties in 2023

Here’s a full breakdown of global apple varieties over time:

YearNumber of Apple VarietiesIncrease Over Previous YearIncrease Over Previous Year (%)
20147,01225↑ 0.36%
20157,07058↑ 0.83%
20167,13565↑ 0.92%
20177,20065↑ 0.91%
20187,28080↑ 1.11%
20197,36282↑ 1.13%
20207,44583↑ 1.13%
20217,51065↑ 0.87%
20227,57565↑ 0.86%
20237,500-75↓ 0.99%

Apple Varieties by Region

While apples might be a staple fruit globally, the diversity of varieties differs enormously by region. For instance, the US boasts over 2,500 varieties, and the UK follows closely with 1,750 different types.

Here's the bar chart representing the number of apple varieties by region

Here’s a closer look at the regional breakdown:

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Country/RegionNumber of Varieties
United States2,500
United Kingdom1,750

Most Grown Apple Types

Out of the thousands of apple varieties, several stand out concerning their widespread cultivation. The Gala Apple, originally from New Zealand, tops the chart representing almost 16% of total apple production.

Here is a quick at-a-glance overview:

Apple VarietyShare of Total Apple ProductionRank
Red Delicious15%2
Granny Smith12%4

These figures demonstrate the impressive diversity of the apple world. Subsequent sections will delve deeper into apple varieties, as well as their characteristics and uses.

Most Consumed Apple Types

Despite the multitude of apple varieties grown, a few notably dominate consumer markets. The Red Delicious apple maintains an edge, consumed by 19% of apple eaters in the world.

Here is a comprehensive look at consumption levels:

Apple VarietyShare of Total Apple ConsumptionRank
Red Delicious19%1
Granny Smith12%4

New Apple Varieties in 2023

A staggering 85 new apple varieties have been registered in 2023, boosting the overall count of available apple types.

New Apple Varieties in 2023

The top 3 new apple varieties of 2023 include:

  • Stardust Apple: Known for its crisp texture and sweet, aromatic flavor.
  • Eclipse Apple: A cross between Granny Smith and Fuji, Eclipse boasts a flavorful tang with a sweet undertone.
  • Neptune Apple: This variety is celebrated for its vibrant red skin and balanced sweet-tart taste.

Apple Varieties for Baking vs Eating Fresh

Apple varieties differ in the way they react to heat, moisture and sugar, thus influencing their culinary usage. Some are preferable for eating fresh, while others are excellent for baking.

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Apple Varieties for Baking vs Eating Fresh

Here are the top picks for each purpose:

For Fresh ConsumptionFor Baking
Red DeliciousGranny Smith
HoneycrispNorthern Spy
Pink LadyGolden Delicious

Popular Apple Varieties and their Characteristics

Each apple type offers a unique blend of flavor, texture, and fragrance.

The table below describes some popular apple varieties and their characteristics:

Apple VarietyTextureFlavorFragranceUse
Red DeliciousCrispSweetMildFresh
FujiFirmVery sweetStrongFresh
Granny SmithHardTartStrongBaking


It’s clear that the apple is not just a staple fruit, but a candied world of type diversity, each offering its unique flavor, texture, and aroma.

With this intriguing array of apple types harvested each year, consumers globally can rejoice in their luxury of choice, whether they’re biting into a fresh apple or baking their favorite apple pie.

This plethora of apple varieties also underlines the potential of horticultural innovation and adaptation, which we can look forward to witnessing in the coming years.