What Rice Goes with Sweet and Sour Chicken? (9 Kinds)

Sweet and sour chicken is a classic Chinese dish that is just as popular in the US.

It’s a meal that you can whip up in no time, and it’s also a great way to get kids eating more vegetables.

But there’s one question that always comes up when we’re making sweet and sour chicken: What rice goes with sweet and sour chicken?

The best kind of rice to serve with sweet and sour chicken is white rice. This is because white rice has a neutral taste that will not interfere with the flavors of the chicken. If you’re looking for a more flavorful rice, you can try basmati or jasmine rice.

What Rice Goes with Sweet and Sour Chicken

Below is our list of 9 kinds of rice that pair perfectly with sweet and sour chicken.

Check them out!

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Why Consider Serving Rice with Sweet and Sour Chicken?

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Rice is a classic side dish to serve with sweet and sour chicken.

Not only does it absorb the sauce and flavors of the chicken, but it also helps to bulk up the meal and make it more filling.

Rice is also a very versatile side dish – it can be flavored in many different ways to complement the sweet and sour chicken, or it can be kept simple to let the chicken shine.

Another reason to consider serving rice with sweet and sour chicken is that it is a traditional pairing.

This combination has been enjoyed for centuries in many different cultures, and there is a reason why it is still so popular today – it simply works.

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The rice helps to cut through the sweetness of the sauce, while the chicken provides a delicious contrast to the rice.

Finally, rice is an affordable side dish option that is easy to prepare.

It can be made ahead of time and reheated, or cooked quickly just before serving.

No matter how you choose to prepare it, rice is an excellent choice for a side dish to sweet and sour chicken.

What Rice Goes with Sweet and Sour Chicken?

The most common kinds of rice to pair with sweet and sour chicken are white rice, brown rice, and basmati rice. White rice is the most popular choice because it is light and fluffy, and it soaks up the sauce well.

Brown rice is a healthier option because it is packed with nutrients. Basmati rice has a nutty flavor that goes well with the sweetness of the sauce.

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1. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is fragrant, light, and fluffy. It has a slightly nutty aroma that pairs well with the sweet sauce in the sweet and sour chicken.

This kind of rice is also a good choice for those who want to try out different types of rice without making too big a commitment.

2. Brown Rice

Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice because it contains more fiber and protein than white rice does.

The nutty flavor of brown rice pairs well with the sweet sauce from the sweet and sour chicken and complements it nicely without overpowering its taste.

3. Wild Rice

wild rice

Wild rice has an earthy flavor that works well with both sweet and spicy foods like the one in this dish!

It’s also very filling and will keep you full for hours after eating it—which means that you won’t be snacking between meals (or after dinner)!

4. Mogra Rice

Mogra rice is a fragrant, light-colored grain that’s been grown in India for many years.

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It pairs perfectly with the flavors in sweet and sour chicken, adding a touch of sweetness and a hint of spice to the dish.

The grains are small enough that they cook quickly—so even if you’re short on time, this rice still delivers great flavor.

5. Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is made from the pith of bamboo shoots, which are dried and ground into a powder before being mixed with water and cooked like normal brown rice.

The result is an earthy flavor with just a hint of sweetness—perfect for pairing with your sweet-and-sour chicken.

You might find it difficult to get hold of bamboo shoots at first (they’re not available everywhere), but once you do track them down, you’ll be glad you did!

6. Black Rice

Black rice is an ancient variety of rice which can be divided into two categories: short grain and long grain varieties.

The short grain black rices closely resemble brown or red rices in color and texture but have a nutty flavor similar to wild rice or barley.

Long grain black rices have a sweet aroma like popcorn when cooked which makes them ideal for pairing with savory dishes like sweet and sour chicken!

7. Red Rice

Red Rice

Red rice is a short-grain variety of rice that is known for its red color and light, almost sweet flavor.

It has a higher starch content than other types of rice, which makes it stickier and less fluffy than other varieties.

Red rice pairs well with soups and stir-fries because it absorbs the flavors of the dish without becoming too mushy or bland.

Sweet and sour chicken is a great choice for pairing with this type of rice because it will add a nice crunchy texture to your meal without making the meal too heavy or filling.

8. Arborio rice

Arborio rice

Arborio rice is best known for its use in risotto (See Also: 10 Best Salads For Risotto), but it also works wonders with sweet and sour chicken.

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Arborio rice is a medium-grain Italian rice with a creamy texture when cooked properly; this makes it perfect for absorbing the flavor of sauces like sweet and sour sauce without becoming mushy or gummy.

Arborio rice requires less water than other kinds of rices so that you don’t end up with an overly soupy dish—it’s better to err on the side of too dry than too wet when making this particular dish!

9. Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice is made by soaking the grains in water until they begin to germinate (about 10 minutes), then steaming them for about 20 minutes before drying out completely so they don’t continue growing into full plants once harvested from the fields.

The process makes them more tender than regular white rice because it softens their outer coatings while still leaving their cores firm enough to hold up against pressure during cooking processes like boiling or frying.


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Sweet and Sour Chicken

What Rice Goes with Sweet and Sour Chicken? (9 Kinds)

One dish that pairs well with sweet and sour chicken is rice. Rice is a staple food for many cultures around the world, including the Chinese. It's made from grains such as rice, wheat, or corn that have been milled into small pieces.
Rice is often served alongside other dishes at restaurants and homes across China. It's easy to make at home because it cooks quickly and pairs well with most sauces or gravies.
The combination of sweet and sour sauce flavor profiles with rice can make a great meal!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American, Chinese
Servings 4 people
Calories 355 kcal


  • Jasmine Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Mogra Rice
  • Bamboo Rice
  • Black Rice
  • Red Rice
  • Arborio rice
  • Parboiled rice


  • Pick your favorite kind of rice from this list to serve with your chicken.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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