What Sauce Goes with Pumpkin Pasta? (9 Best Sauces)

Pumpkin pasta is an amazing fall dish.

It’s creamy, flavorful, and hearty without being too heavy.

However, like all pasta dishes, it can be a little bland on its own.

That’s where sauce comes in!

The right sauce can take pumpkin pasta from good to great.

Luckily, there are a lot of sauces that go great with this dish.

Here are 9 of the best!

What Sauce Goes with Pumpkin Pasta

What Sauce Goes with Pumpkin Pasta?

Some of the best sauces to pair with pumpkin pasta are sage butter, browned butter, garlic cream sauce, Alfredo sauce, and even a simple olive oil and garlic sauce. You can also add some bacon, nuts, or Parmesan cheese to give the dish an extra boost of flavor.


Before you jump into making a pumpkin pasta dish, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to choosing the right sauce.

  • First, think about what kind of flavor profile you’re going for. Do you want something sweet? Spicy? Creamy?
  • Once you’ve decided on the general flavor profile, start thinking about what other ingredients will complement the pumpkin and pasta flavors. What vegetables or proteins would go well in the dish?
  • And finally, don’t forget about texture! A thick sauce might pair well with hearty pasta like penne, while a thinner sauce might be better with delicate angel hair pasta.

With that said, check out these 9 sauces that go well with pumpkin pasta:

1. Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce will make sure nobody leaves your dinner party feeling hungry.

It’s a classic Italian sauce made with ground beef, pork, and veal simmered in a tomato-based sauce.

I like to serve it over pumpkin pasta because the sweetness of the squash really complements the savory flavors of the meat.

And there are so many ways to add more flavor to this dish!

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Try adding a splash of red wine, some chopped pancetta, or even some fresh sage leaves.

Pro Tip: One of my favorite ways to add more flavor to this dish is by roasting the pumpkin seeds and using them as a garnish.

Not only does it add a nice crunch, but it also adds another layer of flavor.

2. Puttanesca Pasta Sauce

Grab your biggest pot because this sauce is meant to be cooked in bulk.

The great thing about this sauce is that it can easily be frozen and reheated for a quick meal.

This pasta sauce is my go-to when I want something hearty and filling, but don’t have a lot of time to cook.

It’s also really easy to add extra flavor to this dish by adding in some of your favorite ingredients.

I like to add in a can of diced tomatoes, some chopped up kale, and sometimes even some crumbled up sausage.

Pro Tip: One of the best things about this sauce is that it’s so versatile.

If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, you can easily swap it out for sweet potato or butternut squash.

3. Pesto Pasta Sauce

Although basil pesto is usually the star of the show when it comes to pesto pasta sauce, I really like to add a few other ingredients to give it some extra flavor.

I start with a base of garlic, olive oil, and pine nuts, then add in some chopped up sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes.

This gives the sauce a nice depth of flavor that pairs well with pumpkin pasta.

Pro Tip: If you want a thinner sauce, add in some reserved pasta water a little bit at a time until you reach the desired consistency.

4. Ragu Sauce

If you like a meaty, hearty sauce with your pasta, then you’ll love ragu.

It’s a classic Italian sauce made with ground meat, tomatoes, and aromatic vegetables like onion, celery, and carrot.

I like to serve it with pumpkin pasta because the sweetness of the pumpkin pairs well with the savory flavors of the sauce.

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And there are a few easy ways to add more flavor to your ragu:

  • Sauté some chopped pancetta or bacon in the pan before you add the ground meat. This will give the sauce a nice smoky flavor.
  • Add a splash of red wine to the sauce while it’s simmering.
  • Stir in some freshly grated Parmesan cheese at the end.

Pro Tip: If you have any leftover ragu, freeze it in an ice cube tray.

Then you can pop out a couple cubes whenever you need a quick pasta fix!

5. Salsa Sauce

Can you really go wrong with a salsa sauce?

I think not, especially when it comes to pumpkin pasta.

The sauce is so flavorful and versatile, and there are endless ways to jazz it up.

Here are a few of my favorite ways:

  • Add some diced jalapeño peppers for a little extra spice.
  • Stir in a can of black beans or corn for added texture and flavor.
  • Top with shredded cheese, diced avocado, or cilantro for a delicious garnish.

Pro Tip: If you want a creamier salsa sauce, add a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt before serving.

6. Alfredo Sauce

I like a rich and creamy alfredo sauce with my pumpkin pasta, and there are a few ways you can add more flavor to it.

  • One way is to use roasted garlic instead of fresh garlic.
  • Another way is to add some freshly grated Parmesan cheese to the sauce.
  • And finally, if you want a little bit of a kick, you can add a pinch of red pepper flakes.

These simple additions will take your alfredo sauce from good to great!

Pro Tip: When roasting garlic, cut the top off the head of garlic so that all the cloves are exposed.

Drizzle with olive oil and roast in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Let cool before adding to your sauce.

7. Amatriciana Pasta Sauce

If you like it a little spicy, then you’ll love Amatriciana pasta sauce.

It’s made with pancetta, onions, and tomatoes, and it has a bit of a kick to it.

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I like to serve this sauce with pumpkin pasta, but it would also be great with any type of pasta.

Here are a few ways that you can add more flavor to this dish:

-Add some crushed red pepper flakes to the sauce for an extra spicy kick.

-Top the pasta with Parmesan cheese or another type of cheese that you like.

-If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding a little bit of bacon to the sauce.

8. Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce needs no introduction.

It’s a classic for a reason, and its simple ingredients list is a testament to that.

I like to serve it with pumpkin pasta, as the sweetness of the pumpkin pairs well with the acidity of the tomatoes.

To add more flavor to your marinara sauce, try roasting your tomatoes before adding them to the pot.

This will deepen the flavor and give the sauce a nice smoky quality.

You can also add in some fresh herbs like basil or oregano, or even some crushed red pepper flakes if you want a little heat.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for an even deeper flavor, try using roasted tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

9. Romesco Sauce

This sun-dried tomato-based sauce is my go-to for pumpkin pasta.

I like to add a little bit of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper to give it a bit of a kick.

I also love to top it with roasted pumpkin seeds and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Pro Tip: If you want an extra creamy sauce, add a dollop of mascarpone cheese right before serving.

what sauce to serve with pumpkin pasta

What Sauce Goes with Pumpkin Pasta? (9 Best Sauces)

Pumpkin pasta is an awesome fall dish, but what kind of sauce should you put on it?
Here are 9 delicious options!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Sauce
Cuisine American, Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 371 kcal


  • Bolognese Sauce
  • Puttanesca Pasta Sauce
  • Pesto Pasta Sauce
  • Ragu Sauce
  • Salsa Sauce
  • Alfredo Sauce
  • Amatriciana Pasta Sauce
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Romesco Sauce


  • Pick your favorite sauce from this list to serve with your pumpkin pasta
  • Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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