What Cheese Goes with Jerk Chicken? (14 Cheeses)

Do you ever get stuck choosing what to put on your jerk chicken?

While there are lots of great options, sometimes it can be tough to choose just one.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

In this post, I’ll show you 14 different cheeses that are perfect for jerk chicken.

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What Cheese Goes with Jerk Chicken

From creamy brie to tangy feta, these cheeses will add tons of flavor and texture to your chicken.

And because every cheese has its own unique flavor profile, you’re sure to find a cheese that suits your taste buds.

Whether you’re serving jerk chicken as a main dish or as a side dish, these 14 cheeses are the perfect companions!

Why Consider Pairing Jerk Chicken with Cheese?

Jerk Chicken

Pairing jerk chicken with cheese can be a great way to add another layer of flavor and complexity to your dish.

Adding cheese to the chicken creates a melting sensation that pairs perfectly with the spiciness of jerk seasoning.

Cheese also has a rich, creamy flavor that complements the natural flavors of the chicken.

Jerk chicken is usually served with rice and peas, but pairing it with cheese allows you to create an entirely different meal experience.

The combination of cheese and jerk chicken is a great way to show off your culinary skills and create something new for your guests to enjoy.

What Cheese Goes with Jerk Chicken?

There are many types of cheese that can go well with jerk chicken. Some examples include cheddar, mozzarella, and Parmesan. If you want a more bold flavor, you can try blue cheese or goat cheese. And for a more subtle flavor, you can try cream cheese or cottage cheese.


For more ideas, keep scrolling!

1. Cheddar

Cheddar Cheese

Jerk chicken is a flavorful and spicy dish that is often enjoyed with a sharp cheddar cheese.

The cheddar provides a great contrast to the spiciness of the chicken and brings out the flavor of the dish.

Adding other ingredients to the mix, such as fresh herbs or a side of rice, can also help to balance out the flavors and make the dish more filling.

For side dishes, plain white rice goes well with jerk chicken.

So does boiled green banana, yam, sweet potato, breadfruit, and dumplings.

For vegetables, try steamed cabbage, carrots, and green beans.

2. Swiss

Swiss Cheese

Since swiss cheese is a milder, sweeter cheese, it goes well with jerk chicken.

The two flavors compliment each other well, and the cheese helps to tone down the spiciness of the chicken.

You can also add other ingredients to the mix, such as onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

For side dishes, rice and beans are a classic pairing with jerk chicken.

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Alternatively, you could also serve jerk chicken with a green salad or roasted vegetables.

3. Parmesan


I love the fruity and nutty taste of Parmesan cheese with jerk chicken.

The two flavors really compliment each other well.

I also like to add a little bit of onion and green bell pepper to the mix.

This gives the dish a little bit of sweetness and crunch.

For sides, I usually serve this dish with white rice and black beans.

You could also add a side salad or some sauteed vegetables.

4. Gouda


Since gouda is nutty and caramelly, it will go great with jerk chicken.

You can either shred the cheese or cut it into small cubes.

If you want to add other ingredients, consider green onions, diced tomatoes, or even some chopped bacon.

Side dishes that I think would go great with this are rice and beans or even just some plain white rice.

And of course, don’t forget the jerk chicken!

I think it would be amazing if you served this with a side of corn on the cob.

There you have it, a delicious meal that is sure to please everyone at the table. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

5. Mozzarella


If you haven’t yet tried this flavor combination, you’re in for a real treat!

The mellow, milky flavor of mozzarella pairs perfectly with the fiery, Jamaican-style spices of jerk chicken.

Trust me, it’s a match made in heaven!

To really bring out the best in both flavors, we recommend grilling the chicken.

The high heat will help to caramelize the chicken skin, while infusing the meat with all those delicious jerk spices.

Once the chicken is cooked, simply top it with some sliced mozzarella and enjoy!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try adding some other ingredients to the mix.

A dash of hot sauce or a sprinkle of chopped green onions would both be great additions.

For a truly authentic Jamaican experience, serve your chicken and cheese with a side of rice and beans.

6. Brie


If you’re looking to add a little extra zing to your jerk chicken dish, then you should definitely try pairing it with some brie cheese.

This cheese is delicate and slightly sour, with a milk-like freshness that will really complement the spices in the chicken.

You can also add in other ingredients to give your dish a bit more flavor and complexity.

For example, you could add in some diced onions or bell peppers for some extra sweetness and a bit of color.

Or, you could try adding in some fresh herbs, like basil or cilantro, for a more pronounced flavor.

Either way, pairing this chicken with brie is a great way to add a little extra flavor and complexity to your meal.

7. Camembert


If you like your jerky chicken with a bit of a kick, then adding camembert to the mix is a great way to go.

Camembert is a cheese with a mushroomy and nutty flavor that will add a deliciousness to the mix.

You can also add other spices to the mix, such as cumin, paprika, and chili powder.

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Additions like these will give your jerky chicken a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other dish.

For side dishes, I like to serve my jerky chicken with roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes.

These are perfect accompaniments to the rich and savory chicken.

You can also serve a salad or some grilled vegetables on the side to round out the meal.

8. Feta


For a more tangy and salty flavor, try pairing feta cheese with jerk chicken.

Feta cheese can add a rich and slightly salty flavor to the dish, while jerk chicken gives it a delicious and spicy flavor.

Adding other ingredients such as onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes can give the dish a variety of flavors and textures that will complement the cheese perfectly.

Other ingredients that would work well in this dish include red pepper flakes, cilantro, and lime juice.

Red pepper flakes can add a bit of heat to the dish, while cilantro and lime juice add a refreshing flavor.

Adding other vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes can add some additional nutrients and sweetness to the dish.

For side dishes, a vegetable side dish such as steamed broccoli or green beans are a good option.

Alternatively, a simple baked potato would be a great option to accompany the jerk chicken and cheese.

9. Gruyere


For a creamy and flavorful jerk chicken dish, pairing it with Gruyere cheese is a great idea.

Gruyere is a rich, creamy cheese with a salty and nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with jerk chicken.

You can add other ingredients like fresh thyme or cilantro to the mix, for a more complex flavor profile.

Another great option is using a blue cheese like Gorgonzola for a more complex and tangy flavor.

For side dishes, you can also try rice and peas, or a simple green salad.

Whatever you choose, make sure to balance out the flavors with some fresh herbs and spices to bring everything together.

10. Roquefort


For a saltier option, try crumbled blue cheese or gorgonzola cheese with your jerk chicken.

A little sweetness from aoganmosh or mango would be a great addition too.

For a milder flavor, try feta cheese or goat cheese.

Finally, for extra textures, mix in diced tomatoes or bell peppers for a bit of crunch.

Side dishes that go well with this combination include rice and peas, collard greens or kale, and roasted sweet potatoes.

All of these dishes are a great way to balance out the spice of the chicken.

You can also try a dipping sauce like Jamaican jerk or Sriracha honey mustard.

11. Chevre


I love a mild cheese like Chevre with spicy jerk chicken.

It is the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Chevre is a soft cheese that can be eaten on its own, or it can be mixed with other ingredients to create a new and unique dish.

I like to add it to a stir-fry or serve it on some whole grain toast with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Other ingredients that work well with jerk chicken and Chevre are pineapple, jalapeños, and ginger.

These ingredients add a sweet, spicy, and savory flavor to the dish, respectively.

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I also like to add coconut milk to my stir-fry or toast for a richer flavor.

Adding other fresh herbs like cilantro or mint can also add extra flavor to the dish.

The side dishes I love the most when eating this dish are steamed rice and a side of roasted vegetables.

I like to add some green beans, carrots, or broccoli to my stir-fry or rice dish.

This way, I am getting my veggies and grains all in one meal.

I also like to top my rice or toast with some cooked chicken or shrimp for a extra protein boost.

12. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

This slightly salty cheese goes well with jerk chicken because it adds a nice balance of flavors.

Adding cottage cheese to the dish gives it a creamy texture and a slightly tangy flavor that goes well with the spices in the chicken.

Another option is to use cream cheese as the cheese, which will add another layer of flavor and richness to the dish.

Adding other ingredients such as green onions, tomatoes, or cilantro can also enhance the flavor of the dish and make it more unique.

For side dishes, rice or mashed potatoes are a good choice.

Plain or with a simple sauce, such as a garlic-infused olive oil or gravy, they will complement the jerk chicken and cottage cheese perfectly.

A side salad with mixed greens and tomatoes is another option, as it will add some freshness and color to the dish.

13. Ricotta


Did you know that Ricotta cheese goes great with Jerk chicken?

Ricotta is a creamy, mild cheese that is perfect for adding flavor to dishes.

It also has a thick texture, so it will easily absorb the spices in the jerk chicken.

To make this dish even more delicious, you can add other ingredients, like green onions or diced tomatoes.

You can also add other spices, like cumin or chili powder, to give the dish a unique taste.

This dish is perfect for a casual meal or for when you want something a little different.

It’s also a great way to use up leftover jerk chicken.

14. Boursault


Adding a cheese to jerk chicken is a great way to add flavor and richness to the dish.

Boursault is a lightly nutty and buttery cheese that is perfect for this combination.

Other additions that can be made to this dish include fresh herbs, diced tomatoes, and green onions.

A variety of other spices, such as cumin and chili powder, can also be added to give the dish a unique flavor.

Sides that I like to serve with jerk chicken are rice and peas, or plantains and rice.

Jerk Chicken

What Cheese Goes with Jerk Chicken? (14 Cheeses)

Cheese pairs well with jerk chicken because they both have a strong, pungent flavor. This combination will give your meal a powerful punch that will excite your taste buds. For example, if you are serving a dish with jerk chicken, you could serve it with a cheese sauce or a cheese-stuffed crust.
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 2 minutes
Course Cheese
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 359 kcal


  • Cheddar
  • Swiss
  • Parmesan
  • Gouda
  • Mozzarella
  • Brie
  • Camembert
  • Feta
  • Gruyere
  • Roquefort
  • Chevre
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Ricotta
  • Boursault


  • Pick your favorite cheese from this list to pair with your chicken meal.
  • Prepare the rest of your ingredients.
  • Enjoy your meal in no time!
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