The 10 Best Cheeses for Bruschetta (+5 Fun Alternatives)

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The best cheese for bruschetta is Parmigiano-Reggiano. This aged cheese has a nutty, complex flavor that pairs wonderfully with the flavors of Bruschetta. It’s also perfect for grating over the top of your finished dish to add an extra layer of flavor and texture.

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you’ve likely had bruschetta – the delicious and simple appetizer consisting of toasted bread topped with flavorful ingredients.

One key component of a great bruschetta is the cheese.

Choosing the best cheese for bruschetta can elevate the dish from good to exceptional.

With so many types of cheese available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 10 best cheeses for bruschetta and provide some fun alternatives to help you create the perfect appetizer for your next gathering.


How to Choose the Right Cheese

With so many cheeses to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use for your bruschetta. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a cheese:

  • Flavor: The flavor of the cheese should complement the toppings you plan to use. If you’re using sweet toppings like honey or fruit, a mild and creamy cheese like ricotta or burrata will work well. If you’re using bold and savory toppings like garlic or roasted peppers, a sharper and tangier cheese like pecorino romano or asiago will be a better match.
  • Texture: The texture of the cheese should also be taken into consideration. A soft and creamy cheese like mozzarella or brie will pair well with a crusty bread, while a hard cheese like parmesan or pecorino romano will hold up better with more robust toppings.
  • Melting: If you plan to melt the cheese on top of the bread, make sure you choose a cheese that melts well. Mozzarella, fontina, and provolone are good options for melting.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, the cheese you choose should be one that you enjoy and that fits your personal taste preferences.
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By considering these factors, you can choose the right cheese for your bruschetta and ensure that it’s a delicious and satisfying appetizer.

Top 10 Best Cheeses for Bruschetta

Parmigiano Reggiano

When it comes to bruschetta, the cheese you use can make or break the dish. Here are the top 10 best cheeses for bruschetta that are sure to impress your guests:

  1. Parmigiano-Reggiano: This hard and nutty cheese is a classic choice for bruschetta. Grated over tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil, it adds a rich and savory flavor to the dish.
  2. Mozzarella di Bufala: Made from the milk of water buffalo, this cheese is soft and creamy with a mild flavor. It pairs well with fresh tomatoes and basil for a classic bruschetta.
  3. Pecorino Romano: Another hard cheese, Pecorino Romano is salty and tangy. It pairs well with bold flavors like garlic and roasted peppers on bruschetta.
  4. Gorgonzola: For a more pungent and bold flavor, Gorgonzola cheese is a great choice. Its creamy texture and sharp taste work well with sweet toppings like honey or figs.
  5. Ricotta: A soft and creamy cheese, ricotta is a great option for a lighter bruschetta. It pairs well with fresh herbs and can be topped with a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness.
  6. Fontina: This semi-soft cheese has a nutty and buttery flavor that complements the sweetness of caramelized onions or roasted vegetables on bruschetta.
  7. Burrata: Made from mozzarella and cream, burrata is a decadent and creamy cheese. It pairs well with sweet toppings like tomatoes and balsamic glaze for a delicious bruschetta.
  8. Asiago: With a nutty and sharp flavor, asiago cheese adds a depth of flavor to bruschetta. It pairs well with bold flavors like roasted garlic or spicy peppers.
  9. Taleggio: This soft and buttery cheese has a pungent aroma and a tangy flavor. It pairs well with sweet or savory toppings on bruschetta.
  10. Provolone: A semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor, provolone is a great option for a classic bruschetta with tomato and basil. It melts well and adds a creamy texture to the dish.
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Fun Alternatives for Bruschetta Cheese


While the above cheeses are classics for bruschetta, it’s always fun to mix it up and try something new. Here are 5 fun alternatives to the traditional bruschetta cheeses:

  1. Brie: This soft and creamy cheese pairs well with sweet or savory toppings on bruschetta. Try it with honey and walnuts or roasted garlic and mushrooms.
  2. Feta: A tangy and salty cheese, feta adds a bold flavor to bruschetta. Pair it with fresh herbs and chopped tomatoes for a delicious twist on the classic.
  3. Goat Cheese: With a slightly tart flavor, goat cheese pairs well with sweet toppings like roasted grapes or figs. It also works well with savory toppings like sun-dried tomatoes and olives.
  4. Blue Cheese: If you’re a fan of bold and pungent flavors, blue cheese is a great option for bruschetta. It pairs well with sweet or savory toppings like honey and prosciutto or roasted red peppers.
  5. Smoked Gouda: For a smoky and savory twist on bruschetta, try using smoked gouda cheese. It pairs well with toppings like bacon and caramelized onions or roasted vegetables.

By trying out these fun alternatives, you can create unique and delicious bruschetta that will surprise and delight your guests.

Pairing Suggestions for Bruschetta Cheese

Choosing the right cheese is important, but pairing it with the right ingredients can take your bruschetta to the next level.

Here are some pairing suggestions to help you create the perfect bruschetta:

  • Wine pairings: Depending on the cheese and toppings you choose, certain wines may pair better than others. For example, a light and fruity red wine like Chianti pairs well with tomato and mozzarella bruschetta, while a crisp white wine like Pinot Grigio complements the creamy and tangy flavors of goat cheese and herbs.
  • Bread pairings: The type of bread you use for your bruschetta can also make a difference. A rustic and crusty bread like sourdough or baguette is traditional, but you can also try using a flavored bread like rosemary or olive oil for an extra burst of flavor.
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Topping suggestions

The toppings you choose for your bruschetta can vary depending on your taste preferences, but here are some classic and delicious options:

  • Fresh tomatoes and basil
  • Roasted red peppers and garlic
  • Caramelized onions and balsamic glaze
  • Prosciutto and melon
  • Pesto and pine nuts


When it comes to making the perfect bruschetta, choosing the right cheese is essential. Whether you opt for a classic like Parmigiano-Reggiano or try something new like smoked gouda, there’s a cheese out there to suit every taste. And by pairing your cheese with the right bread and toppings, you can create a bruschetta that is both delicious and unique.

So next time you’re planning a dinner party or just looking for a tasty appetizer, consider making bruschetta with one of the 10 best cheeses highlighted in this article, or try out one of the fun alternatives. Your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you.


The 10 Best Cheeses for Bruschetta

Looking for the best cheese for bruschetta? Look no further! This article highlights the top 10 best cheeses for bruschetta, including classics like Parmigiano-Reggiano and Mozzarella di Bufala, as well as fun alternatives like Brie and Blue Cheese. We also provide pairing suggestions to help you create the perfect bruschetta for your next gathering. Don't miss out on these delicious cheese options!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Cheese
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 365 kcal


  • Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Mozzarella di Bufala
  • Pecorino Romano
  • Gorgonzola
  • Ricotta
  • Fontina
  • Burrata
  • Asiago
  • Taleggio
  • Provolone


  • Select your favorite cheese from this article.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious cheesy Bruschetta appetizer in 30 minutes or less!