What To Serve With Monkey Bread? 10 Best Side Dishes

Are you not sure what to serve with monkey bread?

You’re in luck because I have a list of the 10 best side dishes to serve with monkey bread.

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Here’s the short answer:

The best side dishes to serve with monkey bread are roasted potatoes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes. You can also serve monkey bread with fruit salad, Greek yogurt, or a green smoothie.

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What To Serve With Monkey Bread

What To Serve With Monkey Bread? 10 Best Side Dishes

Honestly, your meal can be so much more if you serve monkey bread with the right side dish.

The best side dishes for monkey bread are those that complement the sweetness of the bread and add a bit of savory or spicy flavor to the mix.

Here are 10 of the best side dishes for monkey bread:

1. Fruit Salad

There aren’t really any rules when it comes to fruit salad, which is what I love about it.

You can use whatever fruits are in season, or your personal favorites.

I like to mix together berries, melon, grapes and oranges.

For a little something extra, I’ll add in some mint leaves or a splash of lime juice.

Pro Tip: If you’re using fruits that tend to brown (apples, pears, bananas), toss them with a little bit of lemon juice before adding them to the salad.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add in some diced avocado for creaminess and healthy fats.
  • Mix in some chopped up cooked bacon for a savory-sweet flavor combo.
  • Top with a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes for sweetness and crunch.

2. Greek Yogurt

Whether you simply go buy some good quality pre-made monkey bread or make your own from scratch, this dish is a great way to change up your breakfast game.

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I like to serve it with a dollop of greek yogurt on top.

The combination of the two is heavenly, and it’s a nice balance of sweet and savory.

Pro Tip: If you’re not into Greek yogurt, you can also use whipped cream, ice cream, or even just a simple glaze.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add some chocolate chips or chunks to the dough for a Monkey Bread Chocolate Chip Casserole
  • Make a Monkey Bread Fruit Salad by adding diced fruit to the dough before baking
  • For a fun twist on classic monkey bread, try making Monkey Bread Muffins

3. Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

Easy, healthy, and delicious.

This smoothie is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack.

Just add frozen strawberries, blueberries, milk, and honey to a blender and blend until smooth.

Pro Tip: If you want a thicker smoothie, add some yogurt or oats to the mix.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add a banana to the mix for extra sweetness and creaminess.
  • Swap out the milk for almond milk or coconut milk for a dairy-free option.
  • For an extra boost of protein, add some whey protein powder or Greek yogurt.

4. Roasted Potatoes

These perfectly roasted seasoned potatoes are crisp and delicious on the outside while remaining fluffy on the inside.

They make the perfect side dish to any meal, but I especially love them with monkey bread.

The key to getting these potatoes crispy is to use small Yukon gold potatoes and to roast them on a wire rack.

Pro Tip: For extra flavor, add garlic or onion powder to the seasoning mix.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Use sweet potatoes instead of Yukon gold potatoes.
  • Add some chopped fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme to the seasoning mix.
  • Roast the potatoes in duck fat or bacon grease for an extra decadent treat.

5. Bacon And Eggs

Bacon and eggs can be served in hundreds of different ways.

I like to keep things simple by just scrambling the eggs and frying up the bacon, but you can get creative with this dish by adding different spices, cheeses, or vegetables.

Pro Tip: If you’re making bacon and eggs for a large group, cook the bacon in the oven instead of on the stovetop. It’s less messy and you can cook more bacon at once.

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  • Add some diced avocado for a delicious and healthy twist.
  • For a cheesy breakfast, add some shredded cheddar cheese to your scrambled eggs.
  • Mix in some chopped spinach for an extra boost of nutrients.

6. Pancakes

Your kids are going to love this twist on breakfast for dinner!

And, since you’re already making monkey bread, why not go all out and make a complete breakfast spread?

This dish is also a great way to use up any leftover pancake mix.

Pro Tip: If you want thinner pancakes, add a little bit of milk to the batter. For fluffier pancakes, add an extra egg.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Blueberry Pancakes: Add fresh or frozen blueberries to the batter.
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Add chocolate chips to the batter.
  • Banana Pancakes: Add mashed bananas to the batter.

7. Waffles

Buttery and simply delicious (yet still a little bit healthy), these whole wheat waffles are the perfect side dish for monkey bread.

I love to top mine with some fresh berries and a drizzle of honey.

Pro Tip: To make sure your waffles are nice and crispy, preheat your waffle iron before adding the batter. This will help them cook evenly and prevent them from sticking.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add in some chocolate chips or other mix-ins to the batter for a fun twist.
  • Top with a fried egg for a hearty breakfast option.
  • Serve with a scoop of ice cream for an indulgent dessert.

8. French Toast

Whether you like your French toast sweet, savory, or somewhere in between, this dish is always a hit.

I like to serve it with monkey bread because it’s a fun and unexpected twist on a classic breakfast dish.

Pro Tip: For an extra-decadent French toast, try using challah bread.

It’s slightly sweeter than other types of bread, which makes it perfect for this dish.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add some savory flavors with herbs like thyme or rosemary.
  • Make it extra sweet by adding a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.
  • Get creative with your toppings! Try fresh fruit, nuts, or even chocolate chips.

9. Grilled cheese sandwich

Who can say no to a grilled cheese sandwich?

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It’s the perfect comfort food.

I like to serve mine with a cup of soup or a side salad.

Pro Tip: For extra flavor, try grilling your sandwich with cheddar cheese and onion.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add bacon to your grilled cheese for a delicious and salty twist.
  • Swap out the bread for waffles for a fun breakfast twist.
  • Make it a panini by adding ham and tomato slices before grilling.

10. Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Zucchini

These roasted vegetables make a great savory side dish to any meal, but I especially love them with monkey bread.

The garlic and herbs give the veggies so much flavor, and roasting them in the oven makes them nice and crispy.

Pro Tip: If you’re short on time, you can roast the vegetables in a preheated 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

3 Unique Twists:

  • Add some spice by adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to the seasoning mix.
  • Swap out the carrots for sweet potatoes for a more savory dish.
  • Add some green beans to the mix for an extra pop of color.


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what to eat with monkey bread

What To Serve With Monkey Bread? 10 Best Side Dishes

Don't just settle for a side of plain old bread with your monkey bread!
This article will give you 10 ideas for delicious side dishes that will complement your monkey bread and make for a complete and satisfying meal.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 377 kcal


  • Fruit Salad
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Bacon And Eggs
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • French Toast
  • Grilled cheese sandwich
  • Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Zucchini


  • Choose your favorite foods from this article to serve with your monkey bread.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious meal.
  • Serve in no time!
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